20 décembre 2013

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« Born in the 1960s in La Fleche in the Sarthe to a farming family, I don’t remember when I first began painting.

In fact, paint brushes, paint tubes, and canvases have always been part of my universe. After many years, and through a totally self taught course, I have continued to deepen and perfect my technique.

As a mother of three children and farmer in dairy production, years went by where painting was just an occasional pastime as other obligations absorbed me.

It’s within the last 15 years, with the opening of my gallery at the farm, that I’ve been able to spend all my free time painting. Now, I’ll spend three hours in the atelier on an almost daily basis.

My passion for gardening, and roses in particular, cannot be separated from what I feel for painting. One inspires the other, as over the course of the seasons, nature is a constant celebration for the physical pleasure of the eye.

No, my paintings are not “still lives », but « tableaux vivants ».

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